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Evening Serenade is a nighttime radio program showcasing classical music. Join our growing community 

on BitChute.

Empire Opera Radio began October 1, 2020 bringing a new radio show each week.  Shows will now be published once a month through 2024.

Tune in to our YouTube channel to listen.

Submit your performance recordings to be featured on Evening Serenade



1. All recordings on social media MUST be under "creative commons" license.

2. If someone owns the rights to your audio/video, you must submit a release form giving Empire Opera the right to play your music on social media.

3. Any music being performed should be in the public domain or have permission from publisher.

4. Your recording must be of good quality. (does not have to be recorded in a studio but should not sound homemade)

5. All recordings will be reviewed. If we can find a spot where your music will fit into our program we will use it.

6. Submit your links to These can be links from YouTube, SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc. Or, if the file is small enough, an mp3 can be sent via email.

7. This is solely for exposure, and there is no remuneration for your music being played.

Sweet Dreams premiered in 2012 with four amazing performances (music and libretto by Waundell Saavedra). 

Children and adults were in attendance and loved the short cartoon-like opera with a set designed with crayons and markers, and stuffed animals.  


We are now preparing to have this "sweet" children's opera turned to animation!

Look for it in 2024.


revisit - dreams3.jpg

In 2015 we held a reading/recording of selected musical numbers from the new musical, "Phone Sex".  (Book, music, and lyrics by Waundell Saavedra)

A look at the lives of Jo and Jane as they navigate life's circumstances in an 80s New York City amidst the growing popularity of 1-900 numbers.

We will hold more workshops of this musical in 2024.


Asian Baritone to record excerpts of the lead role of Jo Yoshida. With pay.

(styles: jazz, rock, legit musical theater)

Black Alto to record excerpts of the female lead Jane Jackson

With pay. (styles: jazz, rock, legit musical theater)

Email audio/video files or links to


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Composing of the opera "Passion" began in 1995.  

It has enjoyed a few performances of selected scenes in 2005, 2006.


More scenes were added for the premiere of Empire Opera in 2007.  

More selected scenes were performed for recitals and soirees in 2015.

With newly composed scenes, we endeavor to present a new workshop of this colossal work in 2024.

Your tax-deductible financial support can help make this happen.

Passion 2007 sc copy.jpg


Song Leaves, the new song collection for bass voice and piano.

Selected poems from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.

Basses and Bass-Baritones, finally a new collection of songs featuring the bass voice.  

Currently seeking basses, bass-baritones, and contraltos for a recording project of this new song collection.  Email

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