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New Works

Empire's mission is to produce new musical works by living composers as well as rare works.  Since 2007 we have produced concerts and opera performances from 8 new works and 5 rare works.  


If you are a composer and want to submit your music for consideration see below.


Your help can make these future productions possible with your kind donations by sending a check or money order to:

Empire Opera, Inc.,

911 Summit Avenue, #1

Bronx, NY 10452


or, by clicking the DONATE button below.


Do you have new compositions you want to have performed? Empire collaborates with composers to help get their music heard. You can submit:


  • a song,

  • a song cycle,

  • a few scenes,

  • or an entire opera.


Whether it is in the form of an informal reading, concert format, semi-staged or full production, we will work with composers to ensure a successful first run.

We currently do not commission works.


Empire can team up with composers in a shared effort to produce new works. This means any works chosen will result in a collaborative effort with Empire and the composer sharing the responsibility to budget and produce the new music.


So we are best suited for works that, have yet to be performed, and are newly composed. If your work has already had a full production premiere with funding then we are most likely not the right match for you.


We will review your materials and contact you if we feel you are a good match.

Requirements for Submissions

For your music to be considered please submit:
- piano/vocal score
- full score (if available)
- audio files (mp3 or cd)
- synopsis
- cast size and voice types


If we are unable to assist you at this time your materials will be returned to you.


Send to

For large scores and files you can mail to:

Empire Opera, Inc.
911 Summit Avenue #1

Bronx, NY 10452


or, email us at with a link to your Dropbox or SoundCloud page.



Opera composition projects in progress by Artistic Director, Waundell Saavedra

  • The completion of the opera, "Passion" coming soon. Selected scenes with piano have been performed in 2006, and 2007.  And new scenes will be presented in 2024.

  • The orchestration of "The Great Supper", which premiered with piano in 2010 continues.

  • The first 2 operas, "Grandma's Garden", and "A Gift from Paris", of the children's triptych expected for summer 2024 premieres.  The third opera in this collection, "Sweet Dreams" premiered in 2012.

These operas will receive an orchestra premiere once completed. 
Your kind donations are always helpful to support the creation of these amazing stories. 

The work that goes into creating such productions not only involve the composing of the music, but also:


  • design of costumes,

  • set pieces,

  • renting venues,

  • administrative work,

  • contracting artists, 

  • advertising

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